The artists

We are a collective of independent artists who work in Italy and who share the same philosophy:

  • The passion for art
  • Commitment to quality
  • The desire to support artists

We believe that art is a way to express yourself and make the world a better place. For this reason, we are committed to creating high-quality, original works of art that inspire and move our customers.

Our artists come from different parts of Italy and have different styles and techniques. However, they are united by a common passion for art and the desire to create works that are unique and personal.

Production, printing and direct distribution

At In Colour , we directly produce, print and distribute the works of our artists. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality of our prints and to offer our customers competitive prices.

Our prints are made from high quality materials and are printed with cutting edge technology. We use recycled paper or paper from sustainably managed forests and water-based inks.

Our prints are shipped all over the world quickly and with the utmost care.

Discover the works of our artists!


Linda Grigis

Teacher of graphic-pictorial and creative disciplines, she loves observing nature and experiencing its beauty. A simple and helpful person who always welcomes everyone with his smile.
She loves to express himself with simple techniques and let himself be carried away by events.

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Shiva Forests

Shiva Foresti was born in Alzano Lombardo, in the province of Bergamo, on 3 August 1996, he graduated from the Andrea Fantoni artistic high school in Bergamo, winning various competitions and scholarships, including in 2011 the 12th edition of the Rotary club Bergamo award high City.

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Pierangelo Munno

Wood craftsman with a passion for woodcut printing and, more generally, for the imprints left by living beings, including trees.

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